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What Dental Insurance Really Is

You may think that dental insurance will cover most of your treatments. But finding out that dental benefits are not really “insurance” in the classic sense can be as painful as a root canal without a numbing agent.

Although benefits will assist you, they were never designed to be all you need. 

Dental Insurance Benefits Explained -

The Definition Of Dental Insurance Policies

It’s not news that employers have reacted to the rising costs of health care benefits by shopping carefully for the insurance policies that they offer their employees. Benefits are down, and restrictions and exclusions are up – and patients can become understandably frustrated.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that dental benefits are often represented as being comparable to other types of insurance, which isn’t the case. By definition, “insurance” is protection against unpredictable or catastrophic loss. But most dental insurance policies specifically exclude extraordinary needs. The things offered as benefits are not only predictable, but expected, such as routine exams, X-rays, healthy cleanings, etc.

In addition, policies that do offer a benefit of other common services, such as crowns and treatment for gum disease, provide them at a much lower percentage of the actual cost of providing that care, and with a low dollar limit per year.

It’s Really Dental Assistance, Not Insurance

Another common misrepresentation is that dental “insurance” covers all of the things that you need. This can be a danger to your health because it implies that if it isn’t covered, you don’t need it.

Insurance companies provide the benefits they can while still creating profit within the investment your employer has chosen to make in dental health, and you can’t count on a dental benefit plan to determine what you need; that’s your responsibility.

It’s our responsibility to advise you regarding your health. The fact is, we invest in what we value — home improvement, education, etc. — and unless you have excellent dental health, your needs will require that you make an investment because your health is worth investing in.

We Think You’re Worth The Investment!

We’ll work with your benefit plan to see that you receive the maximum benefits in assisting you with the maintenance of your health!

Your dental benefit plan is an excellent maintenance assistance program and well worth the investment. It will help you protect your investment in your dental health, and we’re happy you have that assistance!

To learn more about how Klein Dentistry can work with you and your dental benefits, contact us anytime. We’d love to learn more about your unique situation and find a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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