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How Our Dental Care Membership Club Is Good For Your Teeth and Your Wallet

No dental benefits? No problem!

Having no dental benefits through an employer doesn’t mean you have to go without dental care. We started the Klein Dentistry Membership Club to help patients get and keep their smiles healthy for a lifetime.

Make low monthly payments for routine, preventive care, and take advantage of benefits only available to members, like no-cost x-rays, free fluoride treatments, one emergency exam per year, and a loyalty discount on most other dental services.

A One of a Kind Dental Membership for Great Dental Service and Health from Klein Dentistry of Grandville 49418

The Cost Of Not Seeing The Dentist

If you don’t have coverage, you’re not alone, as more than 130 million Americans lack private dental coverage. This includes:

  • 22 percent of children between ages 1 and 17
  • 40 percent of adults between 21 and 64
  • 70 percent of seniors age 65 and older

Not going to the dentist can have more consequences than just a discolored smile. People without consistent dental checkups are more likely to have extractions and dentures, and they’re less likely to have restorative care or receive treatment for gum disease. In addition, those without dental benefits report higher incidences of other illness. They’re:

  • 67 percent more likely to have heart disease
  • 50 percent more likely to have osteoporosis
  • 29 percent more likely to have diabetes

Not seeing a dentist on a regular basis means you’re missing the opportunity to prevent any issues and receive early intervention. As a result, there are more than 2 million visits to emergency rooms for dental treatment annually.

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Benefits of Our Dental Membership Club

When your employer purchases a dental benefit plan for their employees, the care covered under that plan is picked from a menu of available services, and don’t necessarily include treatments that are right for YOU. Many times, patients fall into the mindset that “if their benefits don’t cover it, it must not be necessary.”

This could not be farther from the truth and puts your dental health in jeopardy! Our dental care membership club allows patients to be in total control of their dental care. It keeps the focus of the care on the patient, and between the patient and their dentist, where it should always be. Our membership club also includes cosmetic services like whitening and veneers which are usually not covered by a dental plan.

With our Membership Club, uninsured patients can get routine dental care free with easy monthly payments. Here’s what a membership will entail:

Adult & Teen Membership

For patients who need regular care and don’t have periodontal disease, they pay $35 a month and receive two professional dental cleanings, two doctor exams, two fluoride treatments, any needed X-rays, one emergency exam, and 12% loyalty discount toward most other treatments.

Perio Membership

For patients who have, or need treatment for periodontal (gum) disease, they pay $75 a month and receive four periodontal maintenance treatments, two doctor exams, any needed X-rays, two fluoride treatments, one emergency exam, and a 12% loyalty discount toward most other treatments.

Join Our Membership Club Today!

All it takes is a debit or credit card to sign up online, and you’ll start receiving services immediately. There is a $149 lifetime activation fee that is due when you sign up and includes your first month of membership. Your preventative care is covered, and you’ll get a 12% discount on other services, such as fillings, root canals, cosmetic treatments and more.

Contact us to schedule your first appointment, tell us you’re a member, and you’ll be all set. We’re excited to offer you this new service and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call at 616-538-4960.